Neck Pain

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What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a widespread problem. It is concentrated at the cervical spine level and affects all structures of the neck:muscles, nerves, and joints in the spinal column.

Chronic neck pain, essentially, depends on incorrect postures, malocclusion (jaw problems), spinal degeneration orstress.

On the other hand, the acute variant is related to more severe cervical trauma, such as whiplash, cervical disc herniation, orsports overload.

But is it possible to treat the problem? Yes.

How to Intervene?

Your Chiropractor will then gather your history and take note of your present situation and lifestyle. The Chiropractor will then perform a chiropractic examination of your spine, muscles and nerve function.

Tests performed might include (depending on each case):

  • digital postural analysis behind a plumbline or other diagnostic modalities; tracking of tender spots;
  • functional neuro/orthopaedic examination;
  • vertebral subluxation examination
  • motion analysis;
  • muscle testing

Is it Dangerous?

Not at all.

Treatment is performed under extreme safety and tailored to the client’s needs and preferences

The Importance of

The punctual check-up performed by the chiropractor when the first problems appear can prevent more significant, prolonged disorders and foresee the onset of premature degeneration.

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