Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc

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What is Slipped Disc?

Every day, our spine undergoes the stresses of day-to-day life: a sedentary lifestyle, inadequate postures, hard work, anddental malocclusion cause annoying (and painful) dysfunctions of the nervous system.

Discs and vertebrae make up the spine, whose goal is to protect the spinal cord, the main organ of the nervous system.These elements support the gravitational load and redistribute the body’s weight, but what happens when external agentsmake them dysfunctional?

The patient feels intense pain, annoying numbness, and widespread weakness: the fault is

probably attributable to the herniated disc, a pathology that consists of the exit of the pulpous nucleus from the fibrousring of the vertebra.

Why Rely on Chiropractic?
If you suffer from a herniated disc, a healing process with the Chiropractor can help.

Chiropractic is a health profession that is concerned with dysfunctions of the nervous system, the locomotor system, and the effects on the general health of the person. The Chiropractor uses manipulative techniquesand specific treatments to relieve muscle tension and reduce the pressure on the intervertebral discs, the leading cause ofherniated discs.

The Chiropractor’s manual techniques can provide immediate relief and remove the  risk of having to undergo surgery tofree yourself from a herniated disc.

A naturally healed hernia is possible!

About 60% of patients who turn to Francesco Mariani’s Chiropractic Office are looking for an effective remedy forherniated discs. Many of them have already tried other invasive methods without finding a solution, and when at the first session we tell them that the herniated disc can be solved naturally and minimally invasively, they find it hard to believe.

Yet it is so!

During the first visit, the Chiropractor evaluates the patient: he watches him move, asks him targeted questions, andperforms muscle tests to see if he can help.

Then, the expert studies the clinical tests (X-rays, CT and magnetic resonance,electromyography, ultrasound, blood tests) and finally formulates an effective and personalised intervention plan.

In the first place, the Chiropractor performs a spine adjustment through a manipulation that reduces inflammation, facilitating the reabsorption of the herniated material from the nerve root.
The relief will be immediately perceived, but it will take a few weeks of treatment for the problem to be resolved entirely.

The Importance of

The punctual check-up performed by the chiropractor when the first problems appear can prevent more significant, prolonged disorders and foresee the onset of premature degeneration.

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