Do You Suffer From A Slipped Disc? We Know How You Feel...

Suffering from a slipped disc and continuing to lead your life is not easy at all.

The pain, at times, becomes so strong that it affects the emotional state and makes the relationship with others difficult.
You often resort to painkillers, but apart from momentary relief, the situation does not improve. Moving is painful and you end up in asymmetrical positions to try to relieve the pain.

Have you tried tons of treatments, but couldn’t get rid of this excruciating pain? Turning to the chiropractor will allow you to identify the cause of your discomfort and say goodbye forever!

Over 100 five star reviews on Google.

Special offer, £20 off if you book online.

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Why Bear The Pain Any Longer?

Many of the patients who turn to chiropractic treatments have already tried invasive methods, such as surgery or injections, to heal from slipped discs.

For this reason, when they acknowledge that a herniated disc can be resolved in a natural and minimally invasive way, they find it hard to believe it!

Over 80% of the patients with disc herniation or disc protrusion who undergone the treatment with Fit & Healthy Chiropractic experienced:

Chiropractic is effective against herniated discs. Don’t postpone your well-being just yet!

Over 100 ve star reviews on Google. 

Special offer, £20 off if you book online.

What Happens During The First Visit?

1) We assess your medical history, consult the reports of examinations you have already done, and note your general health status to identify what is preventing you from being well.

2) We subject you to movement tests, kinesiological tests, neuro-orthopaedic tests and perform a digital posture examination.

3) We explain the results to you and create a customised treatment plan.

4) We perform, when appropriate, the first chiropractic treatment.

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