Muscle Therapies

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Active release technique

This technique treats the muscles by combining pressure on the muscle knots and having the patient actively move themuscle. This promotes blood flow and faster recovery from the injury.

Fast Stretching

These are passive movements performed on the contracted muscle to make it more relaxed and reduce pressure on thejoints. A quick stretch resets muscle tone through the neurological influence of sensors in the tendons.

Fascial release technique and or Massage

We use this on scar tissue or when the muscles are chronically stiff and contracted.
The facial release is tougher, whereas the massage is generally more soft and relaxing.

Trigger Point

When the muscle fibers are shortened, they restrict the blood supply to the muscle.
The lactic acid that builds up stimulatesthe nerve endings that cause pain. The application of acupressure releases the contracture that allows the blood flow toreturn, to remove the lactic acid.

The Importance of

The punctual check-up performed by the chiropractor when the first problems appear can prevent more significant, prolonged disorders and foresee the onset of premature degeneration.

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