Does back pain affect your life?

Since you have back pain, have you had to give up many of your passions? Has sitting in the office become impossible, so much so that you have to get up frequently to relieve the pain? Can’t sleep because you can’t find the right position?

If your back pain prevents you from getting enough rest and doing normal daily activities, turning to pain medications will not help you get rid of the pain and feel fine!

Solve back pain with chiropractic treatment!

It is a natural and effective practice that acts on the cause of pain to give you back the well-being you have notexperienced for a long time!

Over 100 five star reviews on Google.

Special offer, £20 off if you book online.

Patient reviews

Take action before back pain gets even worse!

“My back pain makes even the simplest activities difficult. Like picking something up off the ground. The pain quickly becomes excruciating and I have to give up making certain movements.”

Do these words sound familiar?

Chiropractic treatment helps you to take control of your life again, naturally, without resorting to medication. Don’t wait: act before your condition worsens.

If you book your visit today, you will get £20 discount.

What happens during the first visit?

1) We assess your medical history, consult the reports of examinations you have already done, and note your general health status to identify what is preventing you from being well.

2) We subject you to movement tests, kinesiological tests, neuro-orthopaedic tests and perform a digital posture examination.

3) We explain the results to you and create a customised treatment plan.

4) We perform, when appropriate, the first chiropractic treatment.

Fit and Healthy Family Chiropractic Clinic in Ferndown and Southampton provides patients of all ages with non-intrusive solutions for pain and injury.
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